TCCH BOARD Officers and Committee Chairs 2016-2017



Judy Imler

President Elect
Myrna Delgado

Recording Secretary
Marybeth Lehtimaki

Tess Bockes

Director (Finance)
Beth Cornell

Director (Programs)
Melissa Snyder

Director (Service)
Sandy Minner

Director (House)
Contrena Baltimore

Director (2016-2017)
Joan Bretz

Director (2015-2018)
Jeanne Schmedlen

Membership Chair
Jean Cutler

Membership Secretary
Pat Shepherd

Affiliates Chair/Liaison
James Imler

Appointed Chairs

Joan Bretz

Donna Winch

Linda Ries

Awards and Events
Karen Best

Non-Profit Partnership
Jean Culter / Beth Cornell

Diane McNaughton


Notable Members

Distinguished Members

Patricia H. Vance, State Senator

Sheryl M. Delozier, State Representative

Patty Kim, State Representative

Susan C. Helm, State Representative


Honorary Thirty-Five Year Members

Doris Coyne

Doris Boswell (Mrs. William D.)

Shirley Parker (Mrs. James)


Sustaining Members

Anne Alsedek

Mari Atchason

Chantal D. Atnip

Gail Bishop

Joan Bretz

Ann Brooks

Sally C. Chamberland

Beth L. Cornell

Jean H. Cutler

Christy Daecher

Mary Louise Dallam

Oralia G. Dominic

Kathy Gates

M. Gwendolyn Gilroy

Amy Hall

Judith Imler

Norma Kenly-Barber

Sana Khouri

Marney Lappley

Gwen Lehman

Nancy Strohm Lenker

Diane M. McNaughton

Helen Nauman

Helen Sajer

Jeanne Schmedlen

Anne S. Schriver

Rita A. Warner

Donna Winch

Judith Zerbe

Arlene Z. Holmes


General Membership

Annually the membership information is included in the "Overlook" Booklet.

To view the current membership with the additional members added throughout the year, click here.