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Living our Mission

Civility with Purpose

Service is part of the mission of The Civic Club of Harrisburg and our the Affiliates is our 501-3C fundraising division.. Various service projects are created and executed annually. These projects embrace the purpose of The Civic Club of Harrisburg and are targeted to youth, seniors and those in need. Many projects are embraced by working with Non-Profit Partners as like-minded organizations.


Civic-Minded Breakfast

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The Civic Club of Harrisburg's regional breakfast is an opportunity to engage like-minded groups in  community work.  TCCH partnerships are with other non-profits organizations in the Harrisburg area who also nurture and provide civic services to our community. We offer a Civic Club partnership membership these six opportunities at no cost.  Executive Directors and/or Presidents share common issues and strategies at quarterly breakfast with topics chosen by the group.  All local non-profits that have missions related to civic issues and responsibilities are welcome. Bring your business cards and join us!

Breakfast Times

Networking: 8:00 AM -9:00AM
Meeting:  9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

2018-2019 - Wednesday Dates

March 13th 2019

April 10th 2019

May 15th 2019


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Annual Scholarship Awards

2017 Zachary McMinn of Central Dauphin High School

2018  Catherine Leonard, planning to attend University of Findley

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In 2016, The Civic Club of Harrisburg announced that a $1000 scholarship would be offered to a member of the 2017 senior class in Dauphin counties. This revised scholarship program was launched in 2015 by Dr. Gail Bishop, the 2014-16 President, and the scholarship committee whose knowledge and leadership ensure quality management. Members and friends volunteer at Hershey Park and the Giant Center to raise the scholarship funds. The work of the Scholarship Committee will be continuing throughout the coming years to raise more funds through our Hershey Park Volunteer Program.

PLEASE VOLUNTEER or recommended to a family member or friend to become a volunteer through TCCH. You do not have to be a member to volunteer through TCCH.

The annual scholarship is available to any qualifying Dauphin County student enrolling in a post-secondary educational program that meets federal eligibility guidelines (college, university, vocational school, etc.).

After January 2019 the link below will provide the application form sent to every Guidance Counselor and is due on April 10, 2019.

Click here for an application.


YMCA Resident's Dinner

Four times year TCCH members, MarybethLehtimaki and Tammy Relken, work with others to donate a special dinner to the men who live at the YMCA. If you are interested in participation please contact Marybeth or Sandy

President Elect Mary Beth Lehtimaki and President Myrna delgado are joined by new member Damaris Rodriguez (not pictured)and her twin daughters to serve a warm meal to residents at the YMCA.

President Elect Mary Beth Lehtimaki and President Myrna delgado are joined by new member Damaris Rodriguez (not pictured)and her twin daughters to serve a warm meal to residents at the YMCA.


Senior Outreach (2012-2014)

New to our community service is Senior Outreach. This expands TCCH’s ability to share our monthly programs with Senior Centers and Retirement Communities via the Internet. (Part of the Strategic Plan, Year 3.)  The first TCCH of these interactive broadcasts took place on March 5, 2012 at the program meeting on “The Role of Women during the Civil War.”  TCCH connected with Homeland Center in Harrisburg.  A second inter-action with the Homeland Center took place on April 2, 2012.  This allowed our speakers to be seen and heard at selected senior centers, and all members of the audience to be able to ask questions.

TCCH is grateful to Digital Samba, Inc. for donating this online service and for the funding support from The Foundation for Enhancing Communities.  Four special sessions were held at The Civic Club and Homeland Center on "Healthy: Mind and Body". This project was funded by TFEC and completed in 2013.

Click here to watch the recording of the May 6, 2013 presentation, "Mira Lloyd Dock and the Civic Club of Harrisburg" given by Dr. Susan Rimby at the Civic Club and live broadcast to the Homeland Center.

Delivering supplies to one of our community partners

Delivering supplies to one of our community partners