President's Message


Dear Members,


It is with anticipation, as your newly elected president, that I am looking forward to the coming year. Many changes have occurred at the house during this past year and I am looking forward to continuing with positive changes in the preservation efforts of "Overlook". This takes a lot of work and your participation is most welcome. Please do not hesitate to let us know where your interests lie. Areas in which we could desperately use your help are in grant writing, fund raising, preservation, and involvement with services projects. Your new board is looking forward to your support.

The number of our Non-profit Partners holds at 57 and we are so proud of this achievement. There is a Civic-Minded breakfast every other month and all members are welcome to attend. Check the yearbook calendar for dates and times.

As another chapter begins for 2016-2017, there will be many expected and unexpected challenges. We are ready and willing to face these and may be calling upon you for your help. Looking forward to a successful and satisfying year.


Warm Regards,

Judith T. Imler