Legacy Project

In 2011 The Civic Club of Harrisburg created its “Legacy Project” which features oral histories obtained through interviews with older, long-standing members of TCCH. Several members were asked to recall significant achievements and activities of the club through the years.  The one-on-one, often lengthy conversations between the interviewer and legacy club members are transcribed and available online as written and/or oral histories.

Special thanks goes to Jeanne Schmedlen, Brandi Kennedy who helped us start this archive of first interviews. Melanie Wagner, member, is currently taking on part of our project and is reviewing, logging and documenting photos from our historical scrapbooks. She added past scrapbook pictures and videos to our TCCH history.

Click each name to see a PDF transcription of their interview

Rita Warner - Joined 1999

Natalie Jostenski - Joined 1967

Elsie Swenson - Joined 1977

Betty Barnes

Doris Coyne


Please email us to volunteer to be the next Legacy oral history.